Am I the only one who thinks Stephen Amell is not the best of actors?

This episode showcased another bump in the “Ollicity” road, and while Felicity was her usual great, believable self, Oliver was as flat as ever. But it didn’t take away from the episode as a whole, which was pretty good. Ray’s return was handled well, although I would have loved to know exactly how he fell into the hands of Damien Dahrk, who continues to be a true SUPERvillian. I’m very much looking forward to how Team Arrow deals with his supernatural nature (more Constantine, please). Elsewhere, Sara was dealing with the aftermath of resurrection, and like Thea, she has the bloodlust that comes with it. I can’t say I enjoyd this; I feel like we saw the same thing with Thea already, and it wasn’t handled very well at all. Her leaving (again) is probably the best the writers could do for her character on Arrow.

Felicity had to deal with her mom being back, but surprisingly she brought some heartfelt relationship wisdom. I don’t know what the point of her starting something with Lance, but I guess we’ll find out.

The flashbacks did little for the story, expect to further expand the mysticism that’s entering the world of Arrow.
On Supernatural, the Brothers Winchester finally came face to face with Amara. I’ve been enjoying this season a lot, as its been moving at a frantic pace with Amara having a hand in nearly every episode since the premiere. And man, did this episode continue the trend! The revelation of Amara being the casualty of God’s creation of the world was excellent and unique. Speaking of which, could this finally be setting the stage for God’s appearance, or is that still too big for the show?

Finally Castiel got back in the game as well. I was growing tired of him being a trauma victim; he used to be one of the most formidable characters on the show, and it was good to see him flex his muscles once again. This time, he did what Dean couldn’t, breaking down Metatron to reveal crucial details about Amara. Metatron had a great appearance, too, with a Nightcrawler-type job that was hilarious. That being said, I couldn’t help but sympathize with him begging for death in the face of continuing on as a human. Imagine being the Scribe of God and then going on to film dead victims for cash?

My only issue with his episode is that it seemed to deny the season’s earlier premise of Sam and Dean no longer lying to each other. Once again, Dean withholds important information. But, it seems Sam is getting inside information himself, so we’ll see where this goes.



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I thoroughly enjoyed this episode of Arrow, mostly because the showrunners were able to mix the mystical aspects of Constantine’s character with the grounded reality of the world of Arrow. Seeing John himself on the screen again was a welcome sight, as his show was cancelled (probably because it aired on Fridays, aka the day where shows go to die). His presence and successful ritual made the whole “save-Sara” story arc worth it, since I never agreed with it anyway.

Although, I will say seeing Sara terrorize Thea was very striking, and I liked the whole “you have to kill your killer to find peace.” With that being said, it still doesn’t fix the issue that Thea, who is supposed to be troubled and filled with bloodlust, isn’t really that bad most of the time. But, it seems Sara’s back to normal, and will probably be back kicking ass very soon.

Lastly, as a fan of DC, I pretty much predicted Ray’s fate, although did not expect Damien to be his captor.

-Speaking of Damien, he continues to be a very formidable villian, and I look forward to seeing him in action (and hopefully Constantine returns to help Team Arrow defeat him).

-This is one of the first episodes since Manu Bennet’s Slade Wilson was on the show that I actually looked forward to the flashbacks. Again, a testament to how awesome John Constantine’s character is.

-The story arc of Diggle’s brother isn’t doing much for me except to create further conflict between Team Arrow and Damien Dahrk (and by extension, HIVE).
I usually have a love-hate relationship with these episodes of Supernatural. On the one hand, I love seeing the brothers go on a good old-fashioned ghost hunt like the old days. But on the other hand, its tough to deal with filler episodes, especially when the big bad is THE DARKNESS. Like, the source of all evil. A ghost is pretty low-tier. With that being said, I was glad they connected it quickly to Amara. Her level of antagonist is just too great to keep at bay for too long, story-wise, so it was refreshing to have her be indirectly responsible for the killings. With that being said, I wasn’t impressed by the soulless denizens of the town. Sure, they were without consciences, but I guess I found their angsty whining to be a little too human, not robotic enough.

Amara continues to be a creepy, well written villian, and I am looking forward to her becoming a self-actualized woman. Moreso to see what her true endgame is, since as of this point she just seems to be learning about herself and the world. 

-I wonder if Dean was eager to know where she was, not to destroy her, but to get closer to the connection they apparently have.

-Len’s character did a great job portraying the aftermath of Amara’s soul-sucking, but there was a little too much haming it up, especially toward the end when he described saving the brothers. But I did enjoy the “going through the motions” repititions.

Back In a Flash!


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So, I’m back from my brief hiatus from watching a great World Series. I’m a big sports buff so its tough for me to get any writing done when I’m watching 3-4 different games at a time.

But aside from sports (and literature and movies) TV is my great love! So let’s get back to it!

Once again, I love Barry’s chemistry with Patty. I see a love triangle on the horizon (Patty-Barry-Iris) but I’ll enjoy this while it lasts. Barry never really had any of these moments (only with Felicity a tad) so its refreshing to see this side of him.

Speaking of refreshing, this new iteration of Harrison Wells or “Harry” is mean, with an almost awesome cool factor. Any casual watcher can see he has ulterior motives, but whereas the original Wells was a wise, Yoda like figure, this Wells is brash and obnoxious. I like it. Its also fitting that the new Wells reveals Cisco to be a meta-human, just as the old Wells was directly involved in giving him his powers.

I will say that I think its time Zoom shows himself to Team Flash. If he’s so powerful and fast, why does he keep sending second-tier Metas? Once or twice, okay, I get it. But Dr. Light just seems like the showrunners trying to inject as many DC/Multiverse Flash villians into the show as possible. Normally, I wouldn’t have an issue, but when someone like Zoom is around, they shouldn’t have him hiding behind scapegoats.

-Cisco continues to be truly hilarious. Having him deal with his transformation into Vibe just adds more depth.

-Knowing Caitlin’s history, why do I feel like Jay is going to die, and the loss of another lover pushes her over the edge to become Killer Frost (and when she said “I don’t think any of us would become evil if we got powers…” perfect foreshadowing.

-Jay on Atlantis: “One of my best friends is from there.”; Aquaman non-name drop?

That’s how you know a character is awesome: when they’re surrounded by others with powers or bigger names and they still maintain their staying power. That said, the fight between her and Bobbi felt a little forced; aren’t there easier, more logical ways to figure out if someone is battle ready?

That exchange between Hunter and Fitz was so real. Its almost unbelievable that Fitz would want to save Will, and Hunter brings a much-needed reality check. I also enjoyed him forcing the issue to go above and beyond, trying to make himself useful after totally blowing the Ward mission.

I continue to enjoy the back-and-forth between Coulson and Rosalind. It makes me eager to see who breaks first.

-Awesome bomb used by May and Bobbi, even though it tripped an alarm. 

-Bobbi continues to be one of the more imposing figures on the show, and it was great to see her back in action as well.

-Talk about a crazy reveal! Never in a million years could I have guessed Lash’s secret identity. Looking forward to the fallout!

Here We Go…

**********************************************SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THE WALKING DEAD!!!******************************************

The Walking Dead!

Probably by favorite show, after Penny Dreadful.

It seems as though the show runners, this season, are taking out all those characters who disagree with Rick and his teams’ plans for the community.  I don’t know if this is a type of subliminal message to the fans that states “Rick is going to ruin everything” but it can’t be coincidence that every time a member of Alexandria brings up a “But…” ends up chewed up.

With that being said, Team Rick always showcases the solidarity that the Alexandria crew never seems to have, so maybe that’s why they’re being killed off one by one.
-I was waiting for Darryl to break away. He’s shown time and time again he doesn’t like to be away from the action.

-I LOVED the “Good Luck, Dumbass.”, hearkening back to simpler times in Season 1 between Glenn and Rick.

-Thank God for Michonne and her speech to Heath. These people just continue to undermine and question these most savage survivors. I’d be following their every word.

-Speaking of Heath, didn’t he play Dr. Dre in “Straight Outta Compton“? Didn’t recognize him with the awful dreadlock-wig. Excellent movie, by the way, in case anyone is wondering.

-Seeking Rick vulnerable and panicking the way he was; I almost forgot he had those emotions.

-Lastly, what can I say? I should’ve known that if you bring something back from the beginning (my second point above) it means its the end. I can’t believe Glenn is gone, and even more so in the manner that he was killed, trying to help Nicholas redeem himself. I still feel sick about it. His character arc has been one of the best I’ve ever witnessed, in literature or otherwise. Rest In Peace Glenn.

Cards & Curses.

     *******************************SPOILERS AHEAD FOR ARROW AND SUPERNATURAL******************************

Can I just say I love J.R. Bourne? The man is an excellent actor (who did a great job on Teen Wolf), so you will forgive me if I wish he was playing a character more…essential than Double Down? But, as in all early season superhero shows, they need episodic enemies.

Yet, even though Double Down will probably not appear again for some time, I’m glad Ollie and John were able to start a dialogue and expunge some tension. It would have grown old if it was episode 18 and they were still acting like wronged exes.

The other members of Team Arrow, Thea and Laurel, were out in Nanda Parbat, where Thea is being taught how to indulge in her growing bloodlust by her maniacally cheesy father, Malcolm. I don’t know, I liked him better in a suit, pulling strings, than as the new Ra’s. Laurel is trying to bring Sara back to life, and I just don’t get how she could want to considering the consequences. Its a strange story arc for Laurel; in my opinion, I would prefer her taking the next step in her evolution as the Black Canary. Plus, that horrible Sara-corpse-puppet. Nyssa was the one bright spot (and the one voice of reason)

-Felicity is one of my favorite characters. Not just in TV, I mean in general. With that being said, what the hell is wrong with her phone? Maybe Ray aka The Atom is inside it (wishful thinking)!

-Since the departure of Manu Bennet aka Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke, these flashback Ollie scenes really leave much to be desired. I honestly don’t care what happened to Ollie after he left the island, which is saying something consideration the flashback scenes made this show unique.

-Diggle’s helmet…why. He looks like Magneto. And not in a good way.

-Neal McDonough’s Damien Dahrk continues to be a terrifyingly sophisticated villain, both mysterious and formidable.

With “Supernatural”, I am so happy Amara is growing at a superhuman pace. Having the Darkness be an infant was too “3 Men and a Baby” for me. In other news, I’m glad to see Crowley embracing his evil side again. He’s been the most consistent villain on this show, complex and hilarious, though it seems he may have bitten off more than he can chew with Amara. Speaking of which, Supernatural is great at taking extremely serious concepts and making them funny. Making Amara watch Hitler’s speeches in an effort to accelerate her evilness was too funny. Rowena out here pitching her “Mega Coven” like a freelancer was another great aspect. Another excellent scene was when the angel and the demon were having a drink together, discussing the stresses of the “job”. Talk about grounding a show based in mythology and other forms of genre fiction.

-I wonder if God will ever make an appearance on the show. I’d love to see what the show runners do with him/her.

-Every season, the antagonists are bigger and badder, and every time, Sam and Dean find a way. The show runners have their work cut out for them with the Darkness, who was rivaled only by God.

-Castiel cursed isn’t working for me. Just seems like a worse version of him without his grace. The writers seem to be stretching this too thin. And him running around like a zombie didn’t help. I’m glad he was cured.

-The reveal of Sam’s secret deal with Rowena wasn’t that impactful. It just seems like the whole “Winchester brothers keeping secrets and getting mad at each other about it” is overdone.

Good night!